Our stay home caregivers are certified and qualified nurses or caregivers in their own countries. They are carefully selected to provide care for elderly including looking after their diets, exercise regimes, ensuring that medication is administered in a fixed time daily and also attending to their needs etc.

Apart from just being qualified, our caregivers are also passionate in caring for seniors and most would have certain number of years of experience working with elderly. Research has also shown that proper care given to patients who are suffering from dementia, stroke etc does help improve the condition of such patients hence it is important to have a stay home caregiver who is both qualified and dedicated.

We bring in caregivers from Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India and other countries. Depending on your requirements we will be able to recommend and match you with a suitable stay home caregiver. Should you require more information please kindly speak any of our consultants who will be able to assist you further.

Helpers / FDWs

  1. Documentation Services related to :
    • Ministry of Labour
    • Immigration
    • Foreign Embassies
  2. Job Placement Services
  3. Direct hires (own foreign helpers)
  4. Application of work permits
  5. Renewal of passports and work permits
  6. Embassy Endorsements
  7. Cancellation of work permits
  8. Booking and Purchasing of air tickets
  9. Purchasing of banker’s guarantee and Insurance
  10. Repatriation of FDWs or Helpers
  11. Arrangement for medical checkup for workers
  12. Other FDW / Helper related services

HR / Employment

Our experience and setup is ideally placed for the following vocations from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, China, Thailand, India or any other sources our clients may prefer:

  • Nurses
  • Foreign Workers for Restaurants, Hotels, Gas and Petrochemicals, Old age homes, Optical, Beauty Centers, Construction, etc.
  • Domestic Helpers
  • Administrative Staff
  • Contract Workers (Projects)
  • Cleaners
  • International placements internship in Malaysia, Dubai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines etc.